Published September 8, 2023

Soaring Through History: The WACO 100th Anniversary Celebration in Troy, Ohio (Sept 15-17th)

In the heart of Ohio, the City of Troy and WACO Air Museum prepare to celebrate a century of WACO aircraft. This 3-day event will bring WACO biplanes and other aircraft from across the United States and international destinations. The WACO 100th Anniversary Celebration – a Golden Fly-In takes place September 15th to 17th, and […]

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Published January 31, 2022

Passport Stamps in the National Aviation Heritage Area

When my family visits a National Park or affiliated site, we stamp our arms instead of the little blue passport stamp book sold in park gift shops and online. This tradition started several years ago when my kids were really into Harry Potter. We called the stamps “our dark marks.” Now, a quick search in […]

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Published March 4, 2021

Private Pilot Ground School offered at WACO

“Sometimes, flying feels too godlike to be attained by man. Sometimes, the world from above seems too beautiful, too wonderful, too distant for human eyes to see.” –Charles A. Lindbergh Whether you are young or old, this is a great time to consider general aviation. Join with famous aviators including Charles Lindbergh, Bessie Coleman, the […]

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Published April 9, 2020

1929 National Women’s Air Derby

Over nine days and 2,800 miles, the best women aviators in the nation competed in a cross-country race from Santa Monica, CA to Cleveland, OH. The race was called the National Women’s Air Derby of 1929, although male journalists gave it a different name – the Powder Puff Derby. Throughout the course, the aviators dealt […]

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Published March 9, 2020

The Fascinating Story of Hattie Meyers

Thanks to WACO Air Museum for this story The Weaver Aircraft Company (WACO) was formed by Buck Weaver, Clayton Bruckner, and Sam Junkin. Aviatrix Hattie Meyers was married to two of them, but it was after their deaths that she got her own aviation start. “And when the vivacious Mrs. R. S. Barnaby walked across […]

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Published March 18, 2019

Learn about D-Day anniversary events

Updated March 19, 2019. The 75th anniversary of D-Day is to be the focus of several special events in the National Aviation Heritage Area. The National Museum of the U. S. Air Force, the Air Force Museum Foundation, Grimes Field Municipal Airport in Urbana and the WACO Air Museum in Troy are planning special programs and […]

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