Published January 19, 2023

Travel like the Wright Brothers between Dayton, OH and Kill Devil Hills, NC

Wright Route is a travel initiative between Ohio and North Carolina partners for people who want to travel in the footsteps of the Wright Brothers between the two states. From Dayton, Ohio (The Birthplace of Aviation) to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (First in Flight), Wright Route covers everything in between. Are you ready to travel […]

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Published January 17, 2023

10 Things You May Not Know About The Wright Brothers

Orville and Wilbur are legendary innovators known all around the world for good reason – they invented the airplane and taught the world to fly! As we begin another year where travel by flight will continue more than ever, we thought you might enjoy a few fun facts about the Wright Brothers. Some of these […]

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Published June 22, 2020

Wright “Bee” Flyer

It’s National #PollinatorWeek and yes, we have a bee variety named “Wright Bee Flyer.” As if that isn’t amazing enough, the first written eye-witness account of the Wright brothers’ first flights wasn’t syndicated or published by a popular national paper. It was written by a beekeeper in a magazine he published for other beekeepers called […]

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