Supporting Aviation Heritage.

The mission of the National Aviation Heritage Area is to preserve and develop the assets in the National Aviation Heritage Area and promote the heritage and future of aerospace. Through our Discretionary Grant Program, NAHA is proud to have supported the following partners and programs in 2023:

  • Air Camp | Transportation for 2023 Middle School Air Camps
  • Armstrong Air and Space Museum | Accessible Picnic Tables
  • Champaign Aviation Museum | B-25 Brake Rotor Replacement
  • Dayton Air Show | Air Show Exhibit Support
  • Dayton History | Hawthorn Hill Shuttle Bus Improvements
  • Grimes Flying Lab | Aircraft Maintenance/Preservation and Lighting Education
  • WACO Air Museum | 100th Anniversary Audio Productions
  • Wright B. Flyer, Inc. | White Bird Readiness
  • Wright Image Group | Promotional Materials & Construction Drawings

Since 2019, the National Aviation Heritage Area has awarded $259,576.60 through the subgrant program.

NAHA grants are a sub-award from Heritage Partnership Program funds as an economic catalyst in the aviation heritage area. The grants are awarded to non-profit organizations for historic preservation and aviation heritage activities. These activities may include planning, interpretation, workshops, events, preservation, collections, exhibits, aircraft maintenance/preservation, marketing & promotion, and more.