Flight Games in Wright Dunbar Neighborhood

colorful mosaic with airplanes

You’ll find two mosaics in the Wright Dunbar Neighborhood that contain multiple games. In partnership with Culture Works, the National Park Service, and National Aviation Heritage Area, the Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton created and installed Flight Games – two aviation-themed mosaics.

1. Hopscotch at the Fifth Cycle Shop Lot -1129  W. Third St.

Play alone or with others. Hopscotch is a popular playground game in which players toss a small object, called a lagger, onto the game board. Instead of numbers, this hopscotch board has airplanes. Hop from plane to plane skipping the plane where the lagger landed. Mix it up and use the clouds as the basis for the hopscotch pattern. With numerous elements, create your own hopscotch game.

2. Seek & Find Mosaic – 16 S. Williams St. 

Located near the door of the National Park’s Visitor Center, this mosaic has numerous hidden objects. Use this page to see if you can find them all. In the mosaic, you will find:

Hidden (and not so hidden) objects:

  1. 9 Birds
  2. Wilbur Wright
  3. Orville Wright
  4. The Wright Bicycle Shop
  5. Van Cleve Bicycle
  6. Sprocket 1
  7. Sprocket 2
  8. Chain Link
  9. Van Cleve Bicycle Badge
  10. The Wright Flyer
  11. Piston
  12. Hawthorne Leaf
  13. ‘S’ for Scipio
  14. Cow 1
  15. Cow 2
  16. Moon
  17. Apollo 11
  18. Wright Brother’s National Monument
  19. Kitty Hawk Dunes
  20. Propeller 1
  21. Propeller 2
  22. Print Block
  23. National Park Service Arrowhead