If you can’t Fly this Fall, Do This Instead

Your plans for this fall may have changed, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel fun. Here are just a few recommendations on how to take advantage of the amazing attractions in your backyard.

1. Take a road trip through the Birthplace of Aviation

Wright Flyer

Whether it’s the Homefront to Warfront Trail or these 12 National Park sites in Ohio, we know you’ll make memories and cure that travel itch.

2. Cycle from the world’s first airport to the world’s oldest and largest military aviation museum

Wright Flyer In Field

Southwest Ohio is home to 340+ miles of paved trails – the largest in the nation. Find your cycle route and share photos using #ComeDiscoverFly.

3. Walk to the moon

Armstrong Air & Space Museum

There isn’t another building like Armstrong Air & Space Museum. You’ll want to capture your journey both inside and outside this unique site.

4. Build a Plane


What better way to prepare for your next flight than to help build a plane? Join the volunteer restoration crew at Champaign Aviation Museum to help restore a B-17 to flying status.